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Spotlight: Foodie Illustrator Heather Hardison

Above is artwork by a very talented Californian illustrator and sign painter, Heather Hardison. She has a beautiful blog revealing all her talents at Illustrated Bites, about all things delicious and its a definite must see! She illustrates a variety of food knowledge such as recipes … Continue reading

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Pinterest is addicting!

I spend a lot of my free time pinning and repinning on Pinterest. The main reason I started using it was to keep track of things that inspire me professionally and it turned out to be incredibly useful tool for … Continue reading

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Creative Leap Promo

I’m a big fan of company/designers who take advantage of those odd holidays for self promotion (like moi). Above is an eblast for iStockPhoto I received on Leap Day ’12, displaying kid-superheros “leaping” in a vintage/scrapbook style. I have to … Continue reading

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Salons Sprout Beauty

I want more money so that when I go into a Brooklyn salon for a $90 haircut AND I can give into my impulses and purchase this all-natural, sustainable skin care product. Can you believe how cool this packaging is … Continue reading

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Toilet cleaner gets gorgeous!

That’s the most beautiful toilet bowl cleaner I’ve ever seen! These caught my eye in a home improvement store last night and I had to take a moment and look closer. If this looks familiar to you, it is. This … Continue reading

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Need a Typeface?

I stumbled across this chart and was quite amused by its questions. Enjoy!

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Designers to Watch, Ekta Mody

I just received my GD USA People to Watch in 2011 issue and I’m excited to announce my friend from Pratt Institute, Ekta Mody is a student to keep your eye on. I remember Ekta and I discussing her toilet … Continue reading

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Mr. Eaves?!

Mrs. Eaves has been a long time favorite typeface of mine for many years now and I’m absolutely sure I am not alone on that. I had used the typeface for my personal identity system for years and only today … Continue reading

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