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The Guardian Aims to Turn Heads

I am highly intrigued by these new billboards popping up in New York City subways. These ads are unusual because for one: they sit side by side and two: share the same graphic only flipped. This campaign is genius, it literally stopped me in … Continue reading

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Graphic Design efforts needed in relief of Hurricane Sandy

I know this blog is dedicated to the work of graphic designers, but until my professional and leisure life is restored in NYC, its hard for me to focus on writing about anything else. Today I decided to volunteer with … Continue reading

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I’m a graphic designer and open for hire!

It’s strange how people now look for companies to complete a service when it use to be that people looked for others to do these tasks. Let’s go back to those ways and I promise you will get the best … Continue reading

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Redesigning the Food Pyramid

I strive everyday to make my design work apart of the world but really I’m begging for the world to be what my work is about. There is nothing more gratifying in my life then to design for the benefit … Continue reading

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