Fast Company talks to Jessica Haas about State-by-State Seasonal Food-Guide Prints


I got a wonderful opportunity to be quoted in an Fast Company article, 13 Ways to Make Side Money Off One Idea by Arianna O’Dell. The article talks about the many ways people are on the path to making their side jobs grow into big business or just people making a side income utilizing the many easy, digital tools available in the market today. My speciality is the 13th for my beloved Etsy, see our quote below.

13. ETSY

For getting crafty.

Once you have a design, turning it into handmade items can help you reach yet another market on Etsy. As you’re probably familiar, the e-commerce site lets you easily set up a store and market to its hundreds of thousands of users who typically like products with a crafty, homemade edge. “I sell state-by-state seasonal food-guide prints, and so far my experience with Etsy has been great,” says graphic designer Jessica Haas. “My products have done well at Etsy since the platform predominantly caters to a younger female audience who support handcrafted items.”

Find us on Etsy to for Seasonal Local Food Guides spanning 48 U.S. states! See Ohio’s food guide below.


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