Free February Wallpaper Calendar


In last month’s news, the Bumblebee was added to the Endangered Species list. The eighth bee to be added. This raises serious concerns about the future of the global food supply. So for the month of love, we are making our Valentine’s for the bees.

What can you do to help save the bees?

• Plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs. Start planning your garden this month, Spring is just around the corner.

• Buy local raw honey. Eating local honey can also help decrease seasonal allergies.

• Buy Organic foods. Pesticides are bad for you and the bees. Make the move to organic, even a few items in your grocery basket can help.

• Be bee friendly. Many people fear bees but for the most part they have no intention do anything but find pollen and make honey.

• Lastly, share these bee loving designs and spread the word to help save the bees.

Download your very own 2017 February Wallpaper Calendars!
Bee Heart: Desktop // iPhone // Android
Calendar Lock Screen: iPhone // Android


Copyright 2017 Jessica Haas Designs

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