Charming Houses Wall Decor


Refresh your home decor after the holidays. Switching up your wall art can make a big difference to the look of a room. Changing the subject matter gives a whole new feeling to the space. Quick swipes to framed artwork is a great idea to do seasonally to bring that sense of the season into the home. But when January 1st comes along, a bit of quiet is much needed. Minimal design and artwork can help get back that sense of calm.


The artwork showcased here is a perfect example. The small 8 x 8 inch prints with a single object is a classy way to display art. In the coldest of months, I find objects of appreciation are a good way to stay positive in the long dark days. Architecture is always timeless and sophisticated. It offers your eyes to look closer for those joyful little details. The choice to display houses, I feel, give a sense of home and illustrations offer sense of warmth.


Shop Jessica Haas Designs on Etsy here:
For the digital, print-at-home option, shop here:



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