Syracuse, NY Fall Foliage Planner 2016


The above chart is the attempt to predict when autumn’s peak color will happen in  Syracuse, New York, based on the passed years’ reports from The gray columns are the 2016 weekends so you can plan ahead; this is particularly helpful for travelers looking to book a hotel in advance. Syracuse is a unique forecast because it falls right in the middle of the hills so many times the report was mixed, which means you could have peak on one side of the city and high in the next. Leaf drop is not included on the chart because if storms do come the leaves will still change around the same time. See my home page for other cities.

See the above chart for the 2016 predictions for Syracuse fall foliage. The best times to see autumn’s peak colors in the Syracuse area will be October 15 – 22rd, 2016.

Definitely plan some outdoor activities the weekend of October 15 -16th for the most beautiful fall foliage this year. 

Update: Baldwinsville, NY – October 23,2016,  Peak Color

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