NYC Day Tripper – Planning for Autumn Foliage 2015


New York Central Park – Early November
Hands down the easiest way to see fall foliage in New York City. It is truly a stunning sight, these leaves are some of the last to change in the region and also the hardest to catch. Being a New York for about a decade now, the moment these leaves change color seems to the moment they fall as well.  I took this  photo in the first week of November 2014.

NYC Day Tripper – Late October

QueensCountyFarmMuseum  1379443_10151977675098324_1348778731_n

Queens County Farm
In the last weeks of October, a sweet autumn option is Queens County Farm. Completely reachable by NYC public transportation (including an hour long bus ride, after taking the subway if you’re coming from Manhattan). This brings on the excitement for pumpkins, a corn maze and autumn foods. It’s a very small farm compared to most, but it’s a great place for city kids to run around and pet farm animals.

NYC Day Tripper – Mid October
 1000726_10151964112263324_1061139227_n 988742_10151964111998324_1142485274_n

Storm King Art Park
A favorite in my book, it’s a playground for people of all ages. With art sculptures, hills, and bike rentals this is paradise from Manhattan life. It’s the best to really get a feel for all autumn has to offer and never seems to gets crowded. It is literally an one hour bus ride from Port Authority Manhattan. This could be a half or full day activity. There is a snack station on the property but its outdoors, I suggest packing some snacks but grab a hot beverage there. If you want don’t to make a day of it, just take the bus or drive down the hill for about 15 minutes to Premium Outlet mall. Not only can you shop for fall fashion deals, you can grab food in their indoor food court.

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