Tiffany and Co. Holiday 2014

Tiffany & Co Holiday Catalog

It arrives in that signature blue envelope and almost all women know what’s inside. Every year, Tiffany’s never fails to unveil the most breathtaking holiday catalog, sparkled with the sophistication of shiny foils and elegant paper. This is more then a beautiful booklet, it’s a keepsake.

For 2014, Tiffany and Co illustrated scenes of a 1950-60’s New York City created in a palette of vibrant blues, lavender and pops of color to artfully compliment Tiffany jewelry and the Tiffany Blue Box. Richard Moore, Vice President, Creative Visual Merchandising of Tiffany & Co. explains, “Then as now, Tiffany & Co. was the city’s greatest jeweler, at the forefront of fashion and design. We’ve captured the era’s style and enthusiasm in witty illustrations of families and couples rejoicing in a city sparkling in snow and holiday glamour.” Below are all the illustrated spreads, click to see a slideshow of the enlargements. To see the full catalog, go here for to view the full catalog and/or request a printed copy.

Wait there’s more! If you’ve ever been in New York during late November to early January, you’d know that holiday store windows are the best activity. Grab a coffee and go have your second breakfast at Tiffany’s flagship store on 5th Avenue for a three dimensional version of these lovely illustrated scenes. There is even a magnificent light show triggered every 15 minutes, from 4:00 pm until midnight. The dazzling lights overlay the store’s elegant façade. The illuminated spectacle is inspired by the fireworks display created for the Tiffany Diamond at the 1939 New York World’s Fair and marks the 75th anniversary of that historic exhibit. Each features a yellow center stone (five feet in diameter) that replicates the cushion cut, 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond. See images below.

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And if this still isn’t enough for all the New York illustrated, holiday Tiffany & Co. head straight to  Tiffany & Co. also features an emotional animated holiday video right on their home page and you guessed it, it’s fabulous!

“Tiffany’s advertising campaign, created by Ogilvy & Mather, brings these imaginative illustrations to life with the talents of photographer Tim Gutt and set designer Shona Heath, renowned for creating dreamlike sets for luxury clients and fashion magazines. Approximately 30 people took part in building the three-dimensional scenes of New York and its legendary landmarks; each set took between 24 and 48 hours to complete. Tiffany jewels in oversized and whimsical form were later added to the images. The finished ads strike a perfect balance between the magic of the metropolis and the iconic beauty of Tiffany jewelry. The ad images appear in magazines and the illustrations are featured in video, online and other media. Each venue sends a message that rings true for all: There is but one jeweler—and one gift—that belongs at the center of every celebration.” via source: BB Media

All imagery from

TIFFANY, TIFFANY & CO., T&CO., the TIFFANY BLUE BOX, ATLAS and TIFFANY CELEBRATION are trademarks of Tiffany and Company and its affiliates.

Campaign Credits
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York, USA
Chief Marketing Officer: Lauren Crampsie
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt
Group Creative Director: Debra Fried
Creative Director: Jeff Leaf
Executive Producer: Maureen Phillips
Animation: Psyop
Music: “Out of the Blue” by Chauncey Jacks
Executive Group Director: Leyland Streiff
Account Supervisor: Kat Bear
Account Executive: Aniella Opalacz

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2 Responses to Tiffany and Co. Holiday 2014

  1. Ridge says:

    Who was the illustrator?

    • jesshaas says:

      Ogilvy & Mather, New York created the campaign. I updated the post to reflect as many credits that I could find but was unable to find one single person responsible for the illustration work.

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