America’s most affordable food cities in 2014

Detroit, Michigan - Vegetables on sale at Eastern Market, a large farmers market near downtown Detroit.

© Jim West / Alamy

Today, Americans spend almost 10 percent of their disposable income on food and nearly a third of every food dollar on restaurant services. For cash-strapped foodies, mastering the art of good eating also requires conquering the science of smart budgeting. So when it comes to food what city may have the easiest time, the best bang for their buck? According to an analysis by Wallet Hub, a sort of budding Yelp for finances, would you believe it’s Orlando, Florida?

Even though the United States currently has the cheapest food in history, a 2014 report from the National Restaurant Association suggests dining out is too pricey for a sizable portion of Americans. According to the association, 72 percent of consumers would consider eating out more frequently “if menu prices were lower during off-peak times.”

In celebration of World Food Day on Oct. 16, WalletHub analyzed the 150 most populated U.S. cities to find the most and least economical foodie scenes in the country. WalletHub used the data compiled from the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control and several other substantial homes of statistical analysis, assessed cities in two categories: affordability of food and quality of food. Affordability, as you might expect, took into account things like the price of groceries and sales tax. For quality of food, analysts looked at access to farmers’ markets and CSAs, and the number of craft breweries, wineries and specialty food shops to give a fuller picture of the eating landscape.

After balancing affordability and quality, the results are a bit surprising. Check out the interactive map below to see how your city stacks up.

The list of top 25  Most Affordable Food Cities: (Didn’t see your city, go here for all 150 cities)

1 Orlando, FL
2 Grand Rapids, MI
3 Madison, WI
4 Boise City, ID
5 Cincinnati, OH
6 Reno, NV
7 New Orleans, LA
8 Austin, TX
9 Lexington-Fayette, KY
10 Pittsburgh, PA
11 Huntington Beach, CA
12 Modesto, CA
13 Brownsville, TX
14 Santa Ana, CA
15 San Francisco, CA
16 Denver, CO
17 Spokane, WA
18 Oakland, CA
19 Salt Lake City, UT
20 Fort Lauderdale, FL
21 Garden Grove, CA
22 Springfield, MO
23 Des Moines, IA
24 Worcester, MA
25 Providence, RI


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From WalletHub: 2014’s Best and Worst Foodie Cities for Your Wallet by Richie Bernardo and from Food And Wine: America’s Most Affordable Food City will surprise you by Noah Kaufman | Today

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