There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix – by Johnny Cupcakes

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Happy Halloween! Get ready to feast on these limited edition Johnny Cupcakes shirts available starting at Midnight October 10th! For this Johnny Cupcakes special Halloween edition shirts he has brought back the “There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix.”

“It’s a limited run of shirts in a special package, that is housed in a book. This years theme is called “Midnight Delights” it’s a scary story theme, using inspiration from old pulp horror novels and comics. All the illustrations and titles are completely original and drawn in house by Chris DeLorenzo. The packaging was created to open up like a book and give you a table of contents and your own personalization on the inside flap. The spine is everyone’s favorite part with everything you would expect on an old book spine.”

Usually Johnny does three shirts, all with their own box, but this year they did something totally different. We made one box that housed all three shirts and is available as a complete set.

“Priced at $80 this is our the highest price point item in the Johnny Cupcakes shop, but you get a sweet deal and an extremely collectible item. This limited box also comes branded with an entire color scheme something Johnny hasn’t done before. These shirts all use the same pantone swatches, even the box, separating it from anything else we’ve done, adding to the whole Midnight Delights experience.”

Designed by: Johnny Cupcakes
Illustrator: Chris DeLorenzo
Available: Johnny Cupcakes

Original posted by Jessica Sanchez on The Dieline (where you can also see a video)

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