Taxes, Resolutions and Making Plans for Success


Doing taxes is a painstaking task but there is one positive thing that does come out of it… well, besides the return. It forces you to look at your career and financial life. You can review yourself again three months after you’ve made those new year resolutions or remind yourself of an area you may have overlooked in January.

As I calculated my paperwork from last year, I was reminded of all the big ambitions I had for myself in 2013. From expenses to profits, I had a full calendar of my highs and lows in productivity and the end result. It reminded me of how I need to push myself and how I wanted to feel at this time next year. It’s kind of convenient, before every April 15th you get to ask yourself, “am I satisfied?” If your answer is no or even if its yes, I bet you want to do something to improve.

For me, it’s not only to honor my initial resolution, it’s also to set a way to accomplish it. Because, 1. I hadn’t started my 2014 resolutions yet, and 2. If I want to, I need a plan of action. So, with some wise advise, I decided to set goals and make a schedule. I was told to break up my goal into steps and break up my year. So I marked my calendar with a schedule for each step. For example, finish one step each month.

My resolution: X
My goal: Make a schedule to complete X in steps
My solution: (amount of days left in the year) divided by (amount of steps) = amount of time for each step
My strategy plan: Make schedule, set deadlines, and start step. Complete, and Repeat.

Last week I completed my first step of 2014. Within, and just under, my time allotment. I have to say, it’s gratifying. There is defiantly something to be said about the strategy and I recommend it to all. Have a big goal? Break it down, make it feel doable. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself after every completed step. A reward will make you feel good, which will help you keep going. Besides, I can’t think of a better way to spend my return, invest it in yourself!

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