The Guardian Aims to Turn Heads


I am highly intrigued by these new billboards popping up in New York City subways. These ads are unusual because for one: they sit side by side and two: share the same graphic only flipped. This campaign is genius, it literally stopped me in my tracks (and I was carrying three bags of heavy groceries).

The campaign is to express that the British newspaper, The Guardian, covers all points of view on the same topic. For example, the ads above depicts Internet privacy, one image shows a person at a desk with an open laptop and the headline “Keep Out of My Stuff” — but when flipped, the man at the desk turns into a masked face with the headline “Keep Out the Terrorists.”


Above the ad to the left shows a revolver representing gun control, “Second Amendment” and the other, a blue silhouette of a face representing the opposing side, “Need an Amendment”.

This is The Guardian first campaign in the U.S., featuring print/poster ads and a website out of Bartle Bogle Hegarty New York, the publication’s agency of record, on the campaign. It’s called “Voice Your View” and hinges on controversial American topics such as women in the military, Internet privacy, gun control and the use of condoms in the pornographic film industry. The ads feature illustrations of Israeli graphic designer Noma Bar to depict both sides of the debates Americans face.

Below is the topic of women in the military, the illustration shows an outline of two navy blue tanks and a red helicopter inside a white dome and reads “Military Liability,” “Women aren’t as physically strong as men. We need our best soldiers on the front line. When the image is flipped the red helicopter becomes red lips; the blue tanks, eyes; and the dome, the outline of a face. “Military Equality,” the headline now says, “It takes more than brute strength to win today’s wars. We all have the right to fight for our country.”


Don’t forget to take a picture! Submit the side of billboard you support and upload it to Instagram or Twitter using #voiceyourview. There is a microsite where readers can take a stand and vote for their side. The site collects votes as they come in and will feature links to the Guardian’s coverage on these issues and more.

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