Packaging You’ll Never See In Markets Again


Coca-Cola’s version of Mountain Dew, discontinued in 2003.


General Mills discounted in 2001.


Discounted in 2005.


Discounted in 2007.


Discounted in 1997.


Discontinued in the US and Canada in 2004.


Discounted in 1993.


1984’s Ghostbusters Ecto Cooler disappeared 2001.

I stumbled across a blog post about ‘25 foods you’ll never be able to eat again‘ and I found the packaging to be very fun to see. There here are some great ones here. I actually know the guy who designed the original Surge can, Colin Nekritz. It got taken off of shelves so quickly he didn’t grab a sample for his portfolio thinking it would be in markets forever. Years later kayaking in update New York he found a can floating in the water. Oh how sweet destiny is.

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