New York City Love illustrated by Sophie Blackall


When we are young and/or single, we all have visions of what we think our Prince Charming or future spouses will look like. Even person to person reading love stories we paint our own pictures of how the characters look. In Sophie Blackall‘s book, Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Foundits interesting how she illustrates other people’s love stories in her own artistic style.

In case you are not familiar with what Missed Connections is it’s an online place where you get a second chance to meet up with someone you shared a moment with yet never had the chance to ask them for their number. It’s like a personal ad. Not all posts are romantic but whichever they are Blackall tells the stories in a beautiful, delicate way. Her illustrations are available as individual prints on Etsy, but there’s nothing like seeing the entire collection together in a book.


If you have your own missed connection and are free this Valentine’s Day evening head to New York City’s Grand Central where you can find your sweetheart under the starry sky. Lastly, if you can’t quite pin where you’ve seen her artwork before she was one of the lucky featured artist hired to make artwork for the MTA New York City subway system. You may have starred at her banner for about 40 minutes studying every little detail for the fifteen millionth time, with great pleasure of course.


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