Staying true to yourself and your brand


An motivating speech from Jonathan Adler on Behance’s 99u about how he started his business, which may help you get started on yours. His ideas and designs are truly original, which really set him apart from other crafters. Since today our world has a lot of new entrepreneur craft people competition great and its hard to get noticed. Adler reminds us that it’s crucial to come out with something new and exciting. More importantly, what I take from Adler is to be true to yourself and your brand. Follow your dreams and your gut on what to to do next and everything should fall into place.

Ironically, Design Sponge blogger Grace Bonney said the same thing in her radio show this week on After the Jump when she spoke about staying inspired in your business. In her show, Bonney talks about the lessons, mistakes and achievements she dealt with while growing her business throughout the last 8 years. The sacrifices she made, troubles she run into and how she’s adjusted and changed the way she manages her life and business to find a happy balance in both. It’s truly an inspiring countdown of the realities of making it big and dealing with herself at that level. Plus, it’s nice to hear you’re not alone with these  issues. Listen at Heritage radio here or download free episodes on iTunes.

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