Is that Tiffany blue on a Gin and Tonic?


Is that Tiffany, the jewelry store’s signature blue color? It looks pretty darn close. There will be no complaints here, it’s beautiful. This brilliant and vibrant color has an amazing lightness against the glass giving the product a unique look in the beverage industry. It also has a relaxing but high-end feeling about it that I’m sure is a must have for your next dinner party.


The delicate ornamental design elements of Bloom Botanical mixed with the signature bottle of Fentimans is designed and packaged by KEENandABLE Brandmakers.


Fentiman’s tonic water with Bloom Botanical’s premium London dry gin partner together to make a cocktail you can take home. Available at your local Sainsbury’s in the UK. Cheers!

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1 Response to Is that Tiffany blue on a Gin and Tonic?

  1. robinbtaylor says:

    I love the fentimans range – I haven’t seen this in the shops yet but will be checking it out!

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