Brooklyn to Manhattan week after Hurricane Sandy, Forget It!

October 30th available NYC Subways via

Available NYC Subways on October 30th 2012 via

Yesterday, I attempted to head into work from Brooklyn to Manhattan. A group of my co-workers and I, who all live in the same area in Brooklyn, were asked by our boss to try to make it into the office. Unlike most of our coworkers, we live in neighborhood of Park Slope, an actual slope in Brooklyn, which we have escaped flooding or lose of electricity. I have to say in my neighborhood the devastation of the storm is hard to find besides the fallen trees, which have now been removed and the almost empty food stores. People are walking the streets and the restaurants remain open.

Brooklyn Bus Line to Manhattan, Nov 1 2012

The line for buses from Brooklyn Jay St to Manhattan via Dustin Helgeson, Nov 1 2012

In our pursuit, we started from the 15th street and Prospect Park West traffic circle and it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get close to the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. This ride usual takes 20 minutes and all I could think about how I was going to get home later that day. The stress in me was building knowing that even on an average NYC day a cab driver will not take you to Brooklyn. At the moment we were entering the que to cross the Brooklyn Bridge that looked to be an estimated hour long wait, we all made the decision it wasn’t worth it. We can work from home were we will be warm, have running water and place to sleep. I weight off my shoulders was lifted as the driver turned the car to a line without any cars and returned us to our homes in less then 15 minutes. Since then, I have remained home and until the subways return I will not attempt entering the devastated Manhattan again.

Here are some of the pictures I found on my artist friends Facebook pages:

Lights out from 30th Street to Downtown via Christa Hamilton

Lights out from 30th Street to Downtown via Christa Hamilton

Manhattan residents needing the internet flock to their local Starbucks, Oct 30 2012

Manhattan residents needing the internet flock to their local Starbucks Oct 30 2012 via Chris Shelley

FDR Oct 30th 2012

A leisurely morning walk on the FDR Oct 30th 2012 via Chris Shelley

For those of you who want to help out, some ways to help and/or where to volunteer from wnyc, mug, greenpointers, rockcenter nbcnews, and brokelyn.

Or view a google map, with color coded pins for what help is needed and where, here.

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