A Jerky Revolution, Matador Makeover

I was at the New York State Fair Labor Day weekend and one of my favorite things to do is eat a ton of bad-for-you types of food. I mostly maintain a vegetation diet on a daily basis but on special occasions I tend to stem off any dietary restrictions for events such as sampling at the fair. Ever since I received my free samples of beef jerky my eyes have become drawn to all sort of brands and flavors of jerky.

One brand in particular has caught my attention for its packaging design. There are actually many kinds of jerky in the marketplace with beautiful packaging but after showing Matador to my sister she explained it was recently redesigned. I researched the old design and had an “Oh yeah” moment. The old design had been around for years and I can understand the need for a change, outside of being slightly outdated it seems almost all of their competitors are using red.

I have to say, the redesign is beautifully masculine. Detailed and strong like a skilled carpenter is with his craftsmanship. The new design, packaging and logo, are created by Fuse Youth Marketing Agency targeted for the millennial audience and preferred 3-to-1 over the previous packaging design.

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