Celebrating 100 Years Of Oreo Packaging

100th Years of Oreo Packaging

I’ve been seeing so much Oreo stuff lately and its awesome. All this marketing certainly gets those delicious creme sandwiches dancing in my head. I actually went out and bought my favorite kind of Oreo, the double stuffed cookie last weekend. If you haven’t seen the new Oreo ads I’ve included them below. They are really clever, simple, and deliciously conceptual.

If you don’t already know the marketing is for Oreo’s 100th anniversary and I think it’s time to celebrate it’s packaging throughout a century too. For a detailed story about the packaging evolution (and catch some old advertising too) visit Business Insider.com.

Oreo Ad Moon Walk

Oreo Ad Jaws Attack

Oreo ad Pac Man

Oreo Ad Peace Sign

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