Diet like Vergara


I’m loving this new Diet Pepsi campaign with Modern Family’s star Sofia Vergara. The simplicity of colors really make this campaign pop especially because they are staying within their brand colors. Her blue dress matching the background, her skin and hair match the cola, the sexy tiny pops of red on her finger tips and lips and lastly, the new thin white typeface and silver soda can. Genius!

This clean, crisp and bright campaign has really got me noticing the ads from magazines, commercials, to billboards in Manhattan. Sofia Vergara is also key with her doubtingly good looks and figure as well as her at the moment fame and humor. Yet, really for me as a graphic designer I’m drawn because it’s a perfect pick of celebrity endorsement blending effortlessly with the product and it’s message. I don’t think anyone is hating on Sofia for these advertisements unless it’s out of pure jealousy or you’re Coke Cola.


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4 Responses to Diet like Vergara

  1. Jordi says:

    Hi, I am a big fan of Sofia, which magazine is that, here in mexico is very hard to find it

    • jesshaas says:

      I dont remember but I’m pretty sure it was one of the magazines that follow what the celebrities are doing in there personal life. I think it was Star magazine or Us Weekly.

  2. Emilyxox says:

    Who is that dress by? I love it

    • jesshaas says:

      I love it too, but I have no idea. I tried researching it and had no luck but she does wear a lot of Vera Wang.

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