Pearlfisher’s Gummies To Smile About

Pearlfisher has impressed me once again with it’s redesign for The Natural Confectionery Company‘s candy packaging. In comparison to the old design, I believe the texture within the playful illustrations reads as if the product is handmade. In my opinion, this artist touch goes along way and illustrates the natural ingredients this company and product are known for. I think what pulls me in the most is the curiosity factor. It makes me look closer, the play on what bigger animal eats which smaller one is quite humorous. Overall a winning concept and makes this design interactive in a way – exciting. I wish I could find these fellas in the U.S. because I’m pretty sure they will be flying off shelves in the UK.  To get a closer look and read more visit my favorite packaging design blog, The Dieline.

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1 Response to Pearlfisher’s Gummies To Smile About

  1. Debbie says:

    Here’s the designer and illustrators site

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