Doodle of the Week #3

I’m recently going through a roommate switch and I think by drawing this I was trying to preserve the way my apartment looks before things change up next month. The plants I know best are the ones presently in my living room so I drew one of them as well as our couch. The rug, fancy flower pot and mirror are only fantasy decor I’d love to include in my living space. The Better Homes and Garden issue was quite inspiring this month, which got me dreamy of decorating.

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1 Response to Doodle of the Week #3

  1. *~ripple~* says:

    Hiya, nice work! We have a Flickr group for people with the Taro Gomi 2011 calendar at Check it out and we would love it if you are interested to join! Thanks!! Have a great day! ^__^

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