Boosting Your Google Search


I know I’m probably years too late to be bragging about my new ability but I finally have a Favicon (or also know as Gravatar), that tiny icon that sits next to your web address. It took me a few design attempts and a bit of coding to actually get mine to work but thanks to Free Online Favicon.ico Icon Generator and html coding help from HTML Basix I am up and running.

Also, I attended another fantastic free seminar at Noble Desktop the other night and learned the power of a web page title. Because search engines do not use meta tabs anymore you have to be sure your title and page description are brief and clear – 25 characters worth of trackable data. The more specific the information the better the chance people will find you. So along with adding my icon I gave every page a new title and description. Today I find myself, including my website, recent Groundhog Day- Hire a Freelancer Eblast, Pratt Talent, LinkedIn and my Behance profile, at the top on Google’s list when searching my name + design.

Results from Googling myself

This is a great value because these are organic results and I do not have to purchase advertising such as Google Pay-Per-Click, which runs about $1-$4 per click, to keep me at the top. Yet, just in case someone is trying to find me for one of my projects I’m planning on editing each project page’s description even more to see if I get better results. If someone wants chocolate bars designed I want my Bavarian Chocolates page to show up at the top of the list to help improve my business. There’s a whole community about all this stuff and you can read up at to find out additional ways to stay rating high.

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