Doodle of the Week #1

One of my New Years resolutions is to draw more. I think designers who illustrate have a stronger sense of page layout, details and if they’re really talented, typography. I’d like to strengthen my drawing skills and get my brain exercising in these ways. To encourage my routine, I purchased Taro Gomi’s Daily Doodle Calendar, which I believe is created for kids but nevertheless imagination is key here and good at any age. The calendar provides an already started image which you are instructed to finish. For example, this one was just a short tub or round box that I added imagery and type too as if I was designing packaging graphics.

Lately, I have find myself not willing to play along with this calendar so as another push forward I intend to post a doodle a week, hence the number one. Hopefully, these sketches will get better and we together can watch my drawing skills improve.

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