Bad Design in NY State Voting

Voting + Design

This evening I attended an informational talk about New York State’s voting ballot and booth design. For most Americans, we are quite familiar with what happened in Florida during the George W. Bush election and the Butterfly ballot. If not, I’m pretty sure you are aware of other government forms and how confusing they are to fill out. This is a case of bad design.

I am very much interested in designing for the people and I would love to be apart of Design for Democracy though AIGA. I believe in the voting process and I think we as designers can help because we are natural problem solvers. But we need to rethink the whole thing, we need to make voting fun. As discussed tonight, Julie Lasky had talked about Milton Glaser’s voting experience at the last election and how voting rooms are dull and the workers seem bored or annoyed. We need to spruce up these rooms and make the experience hassle free. Not only focusing on the ballot design but the whole voter experience in order to increase voter turn out. People also need to feel like their vote is important, that their opinion matters and has been counted.

Now as the primaries approach I think its a good time to collect research, voter opinions or show any new ideas for improving the voting process. The real challenge here is getting voters excited to come out and vote.

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