Big Apple Flava

Absolut Brooklyn

OoOh if only I thought of it first. After a short 3 month travel aboard, I come home to my Brooklyn F train stop dominated by one particular advertisement, very locally inspired. “Welcome back Jessica, you are in Brooklyn, home of the brown stones?” Absolutely!

Absolut Vodka’s fourth installment in the city series (after New Orleans, LA, Vancouver, & Boston) has plastered Brooklyn with flava. Working with Spike Lee to adopt a hyper-local outlook for the Limited Edition Absolut Brooklyn 1L bottle. This hand drawn Brooklyn stoop along with first time altered Lars Olsson Smith seal, the brand’s founder wearing a baseball cap and glasses to reflects Lee’s collorabation, sells for a $24.99 blend of ginger and red apple (after the Big Apple). Not only that, if you are not convinced to purchase this adorable BK souvenir, Absolut Vodka is donating $50,000 of the profits to Habitat for Humanity – New York City as commitment to supporting the Brooklyn community. (Thanks Spike!)

I want one! I also think it will go nicely with some ice and ginger ale. Taste tasters I hear are giving it the thumbs up!

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3 Responses to Big Apple Flava

  1. Jess, I saw this when it was first tweeted while you were in Europe, it’s an adorable idea, let me know when you get to taste Brooklyn. By the way, there is a tasted it at Premier, you see that grass in the bottle, yep, tasted grassy.

    • jesshaas says:

      OoOow, not such a great bottle design in my eyes. Not sure if this vodka is for Buffalo, New York or in honor of a buffalo. I showed the room full of Buffalonians and I’m getting comments that the design feels appropriate for America’s west not New York state. Some good suggestions were snowflakes on the bottle andwith a spicy flavor.

  2. Sorry, hyperlink didn’t work
    *By the way, there is a Buffalo Vodka vodka, tasted it at Premier, you see that grass in the bottle, yep, tasted grassy.

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