2 Responses to To Crowdsource or not to Crowdsource?

  1. Drew says:

    I think the cost to become a “professional” designer is far too high. After the students in that hall graduate most of them will be in a huge amount of debt. So much so that doing great projects will be hard, if not impossible. Thats the irony, these teachers who honestly want you to be valued (as they made clear at the talk) are the key to you going into so much debt that crowd-sourcing your skill is a necessity.
    You are completely right, we need to do good work. The thing is, the GOOD work doesn’t pay the bills. The gigs I have that allow me to do great design are all no pay. They are all saying they are going to pay me, and I believe in them, I think they will. I am not just a designer, but a backer of the idea. So it’s worth the risk, but I couldn’t do that if I was in debt. I couldn’t take those risks. They talked about how risk is moved over to the designer, I think that is the case in this new world. It ain’t good, it ain’t bad, it just is.

    • jesshaas says:

      Great comment, thanks for the post. It’s absolutely true good design doesn’t always pay the bills but it should get you more or repeated clients on your own (financial) terms. I haven’t quite decided whether or not crowdsourcing is a good or a bad thing but and maybe thats a right place to be because I can’t ignore it. Its true about the need to make ends meet and there is a side of me that would like to just give it a try and see if my pricey Pratt education can put me in the lead and get me some easy cash. I also think participating in a routine of design work that never receives client approval, wins the grand prize or benefits me in anyway may burn me out and leave me empty pocketed.
      Plus, none of that talks the about change in cost for design projects in the future. Sure, there are only a few sites that offer this service now but once the trend picks up this may be the way projects get presented and designers as a whole may loose the control of getting paid for what they think they are worth. Just think about that and being able to pay back your college loans.
      If crowdsourcing is a necessity, get ready to work every second of your life. And lastly, I never design for free – it is my talent and my bread. I suggest you rethink those pro-bono projects or unpaid internships. You have to believe you are more valuable. Doing something for free is letting yourself be taken advantage of – at least trade something. Maybe this will help make you some money so you wouldn’t be not forced to crowdsource to make ends meet. I sure don’t want that, for anyone, its exhausting just thinking about it. Be skilled and talented, not desprate.

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