Computer Geek Apology

"I'm Sorry" Card

We all make mistakes in life but some are more easy to fix then others. Sometimes a snail mailed letter can make all the difference. Here is a clever way to apologize to your fellow computer friend. Designed by Paper Wheel, this letterpress card with envelope can be found for purchase on Esty. Maybe PaperWheel will design one for mac users?!

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1 Response to Computer Geek Apology

  1. jesshaas says:

    I am forced to work on a PC right now because I am at the Brooklyn Pratt Campus where all the Mac labs are occupied. Exhale.
    Here I noticed that my memorized mac key commands do not work on this computer – a sudden burst of reality. But thank goodness for this post earlier because, ohhh…the control key is for PC’s and I was able to fix my work.
    Seconds later disappointment. My post was not as cute as I thought because Ctrl + z is for PC users. How ugly. So does PaperWheel cater to Apple users too?

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