Mr. Eaves?!

Mr. Eaves XL Sans Typeface

Mrs. Eaves has been a long time favorite typeface of mine for many years now and I’m absolutely sure I am not alone on that. I had used the typeface for my personal identity system for years and only today did I first hear that Mrs. Eaves had a mister. Maybe I’ve been out of the loop a bit but what a nice surprise! Mr. Eaves is the sans serif version of the feminine serif font. Zuzana Licko is the designer behind the typeface and I have to say this women has talent. It’s absolutely breathtaking and I think I may have a new favorite font. The news today is that Licko has recently updated her sans serif Mr. Eaves typeface with a heavier version. It is now available for download on

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1 Response to Mr. Eaves?!

  1. jesshaas says:

    The following morning after posting this entry I was sitting on the train listening to a couple talk about people blogging about fonts. They keep jokingly asking each other why anyone would want to blog about fonts. I smiled into the conversation and mention that I had done just that and explained that that is what a graphic designer would do. The one women seemed shocked as if I had just unlocked a hidden treasure box.

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