The Type is Right Event

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The Type is Right is a member series event thrown by the AIGA NY located at the chill Galapagos Art Space in beautiful waterfront DUMBO, Brooklyn. The Type is Right is just a name parody on the Price is Right but the game is really played like multiple choice questioned Family Feud. The questions, thought up by the wise Paul Shaw, were all about typefaces, typographers and witty, humorous font related knowledge.

One of the little surprises for the audience was raffle participates looking to win a Wacom where drawn and summoned to join the celebrity teams on stage. A nerve racking opportunity I would have loved to be picked for. The popular people sitting at the reserved tables where Paula ScherLouise Fili, and Chester Jenkins,Roger BlackAllan HaleyDavid Jonathan RossJonathan HoeflerAndy Clymer, Sara SoskolneCharlie Nix, and Patrick Seymour. Each team of four were asked multiple choice questions, (“because no child is left behind”, the brilliant Ellen Lupton added – game host for the evening) where some trivia was more difficult, some more amusing and some more ridiculously made up then others.

It was a good time. I received a tiny button souvenir which reads “I hate widows” in cyan black letter. In all, the mood was easy and there were a few good laughs. It was also nice to know that I knew some of the answers. I saw a few familiar faces on the lower level who were not on stage. A couple of my Pratt professors where present, like Tony Dispigna, who was mentioned as one of the answers choices. I wonder if he appreciated that?

And lastly, my favorite question of the night was, which one of the listed alcoholic drinks are the name of a typeface? I appreciate now knowing that there is a font out there named after my favorite liquor, whiskey. Which I have to add was overpriced that night.

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  1. Sorry I missed it! Shirley, from The TypeisRight, lol.

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