Spray barbecue sauce looks like spray cleaner?!

Southern BBQ Spray Sauce

Southern Bar-B-Que's three basting blends, Zesty Garlic Herb, Jalapeño Butter and Original Bar-B-Que.

Southern Bar-B-Que Sauce Inc, Jennings and La are introducing spray sauces for basting and grilling purposes, which I think is a great idea. For me, there is nothing more irritating after cooking then having to clean a sauce brush or baster and I believe most people would agree.

The issue I see here in the structural packaging. As a graduate packaging design at Pratt Institute I think these companies are taking a huge risk introducing spray sauces with TricorBraun‘s stock bottles and sprayers similar to those used for cleaning products. I strongly think the American public will purchase spray sauces. There has be a very positive acceptance to spray butter, for example, as well as salad dressing and cooking spray. Yet, as a food shopper myself, I am not a fan of the bottle looking like the product I use to clean up my bbq mess.

I believe the relationship between food and chemical cleaner is way too close for taste. I can foresee a few kids taking advance of the parody and making people sick or themselves sick if there was an accidental switch. Am I forecasting negative results because I don’t like the connection or am I mocking these companies for taking the cheap way out? Yes and yes. I also believe the utilization of  stock bottles will hurt their profit. I think as an introductory spray product it will do fine in the market – at first, since it is the only one of its kind but as soon as their competitors come out with slicker, smarter designed bottles these sprayers they will fall behind.

There are fews other problems I see with this bottle, for one, how do you dispense larger quantites. I think taking off the spray top and taking out the pump tube will be messy. I also think that it may be pretty messy to spray on your grill, maybe even difficult at certain angles. Although the spray does allow for wide, even coverage of large targets like rib racks or whole chickens which is a plus for families. I do also appreciate the size of the supply, which is 16 oz. I think that it’s a good quantity for a one-time use item, which will avoid the tube or spray spout from clogging from sitting in storage. Plus, I can not imagine sticking one of these in my refrigerator or if imagining how it would fit.

Lastly, as a passionate structural packaging designer I feel like this is a lost opportunity. Something beautiful could have come out of this idea like the products of Method home care and personal products. It may be too late to prevent this from being launched but if sauce companies need some new bottling designs I have a few. I do wonder if they did any customer surveys with this bottle. It will be interesting to see how good this product will sell.

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