Sale on 2018 Calendars


End of 2017 Holiday Sale has begun!

Our 2018 Calendar are marked down 25%.
Limited quantities remain so get them while they last. Order by December 19th to ensure you receive your shipment by Christmas.

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Best New Christmas Game


The best new Christmas game is here! Gather the family around for a new holiday tradition with this favorite holiday puzzle, Guess That Christmas Song game.

Bond with your holiday guests with this festive game by guessing the name of the holiday song. This cheerfully illustrated Christmas game seeks answers to the names of traditional carol songs to the latest pop hits, a fun holiday challenge for all ages.

Three years in the making, audience testing and approved!

Each square has a picture telling a story based a holiday song. Guess the song’s name, write down your answer, and who ever finishes first with the most correct answers wins. (Prizes optional)

Distribute the picture sheet face down to participants. Make sure everyone has a pencil to compose their answers at the bottom of the page. Set a timer for 5 minutes. On “start” players guess as many songs as they can. The player with the most correct answers wins.

Shop Jessica Haas Designs on Etsy
Only $10, instant printable download

2 JPGS & 2 page PDF of both pages
1. Illustration and questions page
2. Directions and answers page


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Giving you FREE Shipping in November


For the month of giving, we are gifting you free shipping at Jessica Haas Designs on Etsy for a limited time. Simply enter the promo code: FREESHIPNOV during check out until November 20, 2017. You’re welcome!

“Write a review sweepstakes” has returned!
Simply rate or leave a product review for any of our products on Etsy and be automatically enter for a chance to win a $25 Etsy gift card.
Contest ends December 31, 2017.


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2017 Fall Foliage Watch



For the love of fall!

Happy mid-October where almost everyone in the north is seeing a bit of leaf change.
Thanks to the Foliage Network for their reporting.

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2018 Calendars are here and 20% off

Jessica Haas Designs 2018 Calendar

Now featuring holidays and phases of the moon.



Early Bird Sale available for all states’ 2018 Calendars
Order by September 30th with promo code: FALL20
Only limited states will be available after October 1st, 2017.


Shop Etsy Now!

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Hudson Valley NY Fall Foliage Forecast 2017


Planning to see fall foliage this year? The above chart is the attempt to predict when autumn’s peak color will happen in Hudson Valley, New York, based on the passed years’ reports from the . The gray columns are the 2017 weekends so you can plan ahead. This is particularly helpful for the New York City residents commuting an hour away and want to book a Hudson Valley hotel in advance. Leaf drop is not included on the chart because if storms do come the leaves will still change around the same time. See my “Fall Foliage” category for other nearby cities.

This year’s Hudson Valley peak time forecast seems to begin and end on two weekends. Either time is a perfect opportunity to plan for a long weekend or any time during the last week of October.

Plan for October 20-29 for the most beautiful fall foliage in Hudson Valley, NY and Catskill Mountains.

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Our online shop is now open!


After months of building and designing, Jessica Haas Designs online shop has launched!
Visit our very own online shop at

Sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of the home page to be the first to know about new products and sales. For example, did you hear about our Kitchen Measurement Conversions and Cooking Temperatures Poster?

You’ll never need to look up a meat temperature again; and forget working out measurement conversions because this is your solution. This informative, smart, and beautifully designed chart can make a great addition to your kitchen wall and save you time. Unlike most cooking or baking charts, this is a two-in-one, featuring cooking temperatures and measuring conversations. Find it on our website and on Etsy.

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Fast Company talks to Jessica Haas about State-by-State Seasonal Food-Guide Prints


I got a wonderful opportunity to be quoted in an Fast Company article, 13 Ways to Make Side Money Off One Idea by Arianna O’Dell. The article talks about the many ways people are on the path to making their side jobs grow into big business or just people making a side income utilizing the many easy, digital tools available in the market today. My speciality is the 13th for my beloved Etsy, see our quote below.

13. ETSY

For getting crafty.

Once you have a design, turning it into handmade items can help you reach yet another market on Etsy. As you’re probably familiar, the e-commerce site lets you easily set up a store and market to its hundreds of thousands of users who typically like products with a crafty, homemade edge. “I sell state-by-state seasonal food-guide prints, and so far my experience with Etsy has been great,” says graphic designer Jessica Haas. “My products have done well at Etsy since the platform predominantly caters to a younger female audience who support handcrafted items.”

Find us on Etsy to for Seasonal Local Food Guides spanning 48 U.S. states! See Ohio’s food guide below.


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Summer is Watermelon


Today is the Summer Solstice, which means it’s the first day of summer and the longest day of the year! The one thing I look forward to most during the summertime is watermelon so I pulled a few of my “make-this-summer” recipes from Pinterest, see below and enjoy.


A refreshing Blueberry Watermelon Feta Mint Salad made with a simple balsamic dressing for a perfect sweet and savory salad for any summer celebration.


Totally irresistible! The watermelon and lemon flavor combination pairs perfectly together. It has the perfect amount of sweet and tart, and a delicious depth of mellow watermelon flavor.



As fresh as a fruit salad, mixing sweet and savory this Watermelon Salsa Recipe, so good with the perfect chip (or pita cracker)!



2-Ingredient Watermelon Sherbet is a light, refreshing frozen treat that comes together with just fruit and yogurt, the perfect healthy snack or dessert for cooling down all summer long!


Watermelon illustration by FreePik

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Favorite Food Puns

Credit: VH



Credit: Mykidslickthebowl

Credit: redwoodandvine


Credit: Jenny Acosta


Credit: ThePepperMillShop

CreditL: Gemma Correll

Credit: BySeaAndSky
Credit: Tamiboyce

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