A Guide to Fall Food by Amanda Page


Fall has arrived and new seasonal foods are rotating into our menus. We all know we should eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc everyday to keep healthy, but it’s also important to eat the rainbow. If you don’t already eat this way, seasons have a great way to get you all the minerals and vitamins you need. For example, if you are not a big fan of summer’s baby carrots, autumn has a great variety of orange foods like sweet potatoes, clementines and squashes to get you the vitamin C benefits you need.


If you want help remembering to eat a diet full of colors and categories, here’s a beautiful guide to make life easier. The award-winning designer in health and wellness, Jessica Haas Designs created this art print to help give you and your body the nutrients it needs. Hang it in your kitchen and just eat from each loop each meal and make a rainbow everyday. To find what produce is locally grown, Jessica also makes state’s seasonal calendars.

Food Guide at top: via HealthCentral by Amanda Page (APage)

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Autumn Foliage Report – Northeast Region

Fall Foliage September 2014 Northeast

Sourced from the Foliage Network

Fall Foliage watch has started! If you’re in Maine, Vermont, Michigan, or parts of Wisconsin or New York you are in nature’s coloring book. Head outside as soon as possible! Leaves are already in high color and are changing quick. Most likely this weekend these areas will see peak color.

If you’re in Central or Western New York, the first two weekends should serve you well for apples, pumpkin and wineries in the Finger Lakes Region. If you’re ready to go this weekend see above and head to the Adirondack Mountains or grab that last minute flight north. Being a New Yorker, I’ve planned my fall weekend trip to the country for Columbus Day weekend this year. The second and third weekends of October, color should be at high or peak color near the Pocono Mountains or Hudson Valley Region. See my chart below.

Fall Foliage Hudson Valley Region for New York City Day Trips 2014


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Happy October – Free Printable Calendars (2014)


Full 2014 Calendar via Elli or just October here.octobre_leaves

Printable calendar and bookmark (if you have label paper, stickers too) via Dans Mon Bocal

Sans titre-1

Printable and wallpaper via Zugalerie (Zü).


Printable download for U.S.A. or Europe Via Willowday.

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Autumn Color Palette



I needed a wide autumn color palette for a project I was working on for an event series happening from October through November. The client specifically needed several hues of blue (it’s part of their identity), which was a bit difficult because blue is not usually associated as a popular autumn color. The imagery on the mood boards above was pulled from Pinterest. I usually go to Pinterest for quick inspiration; I find it’s the fastest way to spot good quality swipe. Fall is my favorite season, I’ve collected a huge array of beautiful imagery from vacation spots, home decor, crafts, quotes, recipes and so much more. Luckily, I have over 550 pins on my Fall/Autumn Pinterest page so the research part of this project was over in a flash. With that said, I feel it’s a board worth sharing so go see and go pin! Visit http://www.pinterest.com/jesshaasdesigns/autumnfall.

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Spotlight: Foodie Illustrator Heather Hardison

RQ_squashspread_1_800 RQ_spring RQ_macncheese


Above is artwork by a very talented Californian illustrator and sign painter, Heather Hardison. She has a beautiful blog revealing all her talents at Illustrated Bites, about all things delicious and its a definite must see! She illustrates a variety of food knowledge such as recipes with amazing hand drawn typography  and how-to instructions. It’s really impressive stuff. Her client list includes Southern Living Magazine, The Portland Mercury, Relish Magazine, Remedy Quarterly, Drexel University and many counting. If you love her work as much as me, find more by visiting her website.

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Pantone Me Happy

This story originated on Creative Bloq by Sammy Mainedcffc0319b4fcde31cb4a57efe8f9150
Via Creative Bloq

The trend for home breweries and craft beers has led to an explosion of inventive and original beer label designs, with plenty of brilliant beer label design offerings in recent months. This latest project combines both packaging design with label design to bring you a Pantone-perfect collection of craft beers.

Created by Spanish creative agency Txaber, each type of beer is matched with its corresponding Pantone colour. From Pale Ale to Imperial Stouts, there’s a Pantone colour for every type of your favourite alcoholic tipple.

The typeface chosen is HipstelveticaFontFamily in its bold version, created by Spanish typographer José Gomes. The type is absolutely free to download, so if you’ve fallen in love with these designs as much as we have, you can start experimenting yourself.

If you need more Pantone fun:

Via gadgets.boingboing.net

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Store Envy

Via Nordstrom


enhanced-buzz-23621-1374213906-0 Via howaboutorange.blogspot.com


Via Kikkerland

Via Howkapow

pantone_sugarVia ModCloth

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Some Good Words

From http://chic-type.com/blog/fridays-typographic-treats-100/ – Work is the greatest thing in the world so we should always save some for tomorrow.


From The Everygirl – Success is not easy and is certainly not for the lazy

From Inspiration Feed – life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keet move.


From Dribble  – Smile more.

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The Fall Oreo Flavor Is Exactly What You Thought (Hoped?!) It Would Be

This story originally appeared on Delish.com: by Zoe Bain


Fall’s iconic flavor mascot is back again and this time it’s not a latte or gum. Oreo is rolling out limited-edition Pumpkin Spice cookies, the brand’s first foray into the crazy saturated world of pumpkin spice-flavored products. The new cookies will hit stores on September 24 and will be available for 6-8 weeks, or until supplies last. Pumpkin Spice Oreos feature a vanilla cookie coupled with a bright orange pumpkin spice crème.

Will you try the new Pumpkin Spice Oreos?

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Jessica Haas Designs Wins Packaging Award!

Jessica Haas Designs wins packaging award

Look in this month’s issue of GD USA magazine for Jessica Haas Designs. She takes home a packaging award in the Food + Beverage category for her design work for Carolina Lemonade, a lemon cocktail mix.  To see more winners, visit the winners gallery here.

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