NYC Day Tripper – Planning for Autumn Foliage 2015


New York Central Park – Early November
Hands down the easiest way to see fall foliage in New York City. It is truly a stunning sight, these leaves are some of the last to change in the region and also the hardest to catch. Being a New York for about a decade now, the moment these leaves change color seems to the moment they fall as well.  I took this  photo in the first week of November 2014.

NYC Day Tripper – Late October

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Queens County Farm
In the last weeks of October, a sweet autumn option is Queens County Farm. Completely reachable by NYC public transportation (including an hour long bus ride, after taking the subway if you’re coming from Manhattan). This brings on the excitement for pumpkins, a corn maze and autumn foods. It’s a very small farm compared to most, but it’s a great place for city kids to run around and pet farm animals.

NYC Day Tripper – Mid October
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Storm King Art Park
A favorite in my book, it’s a playground for people of all ages. With art sculptures, hills, and bike rentals this is paradise from Manhattan life. It’s the best to really get a feel for all autumn has to offer and never seems to gets crowded. It is literally an one hour bus ride from Port Authority Manhattan. This could be a half or full day activity. There is a snack station on the property but its outdoors, I suggest packing some snacks but grab a hot beverage there. If you want don’t to make a day of it, just take the bus or drive down the hill for about 15 minutes to Premium Outlet mall. Not only can you shop for fall fashion deals, you can grab food in their indoor food court.

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Shuffle Off To Buffalo, New York


I’ve been watching HGTV this week and the show “House Hunters” featured the city of Buffalo, NY, my hometown. Seeing glimpses of City Hall, Delaware Park, Downtown’s old buildings and the canal side walkways of Lake Erie has left my heart whimpering for more.

Today I found myself googling pictures of my old neighborhood, so much that I started a new “Buffalo, NY” Pinterest board of all the things I could find from Spot Coffee, the old grain mill, Buffalo Bills fans, Anchor Bar Buffal/Chicken Wings and more. Here are a few favorites, the images that truly make my heart sing.

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See more or where these pictures originate on my “Buffalo, NY” Pinterest board.

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Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

Were flowers bloom so does hope.

In New York City, more than half of the residents do not have outdoor spaces, especially space for planting a garden. Many settle for small window boxes, views of tree tops or visiting to a park. But I should mention, that not every park in NYC has greenery. A lot of the”public parks” are made of concrete with few trees. That is why nothing compares to Manhattan’s Central Park. Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and Queen’s Flushing Meadows or Astoria Park are also great contenders, all designed by Fredrick Olmsted.

By mid-day when we are all clicking away on our computers a quick break from our high-rise office views may be what every New Yorker craves. Lucky for me, I work near the Flower District, a neighborhood covered in mainly flower shops, which cover the sidewalks with their merchandise. Whether it’s plants to pot or bouquets to take-away the beauty and smells are some of the best on the island.

Lilacs and Peonies

I’m not sure how many flowers actually grow in New York City, but there sure is a good amount of hope. One could hope in the month of August that summer lasts a little bit longer.

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Ukrainian Food in NYC’s East Villae

Veselka, a cozy Ukrainian coffee shop in New York City’s East Village

One of my favorite places to grab brunch in Manhattan, although it’s also great for every other meal as well, is Veselka.  This lovely vintage looking restaurant has been serving up traditional Ukrainian foods in the heart of the East Village since 1954. What to order is a no brainer: pierogi, borscht and potato pancakes.

“For sixty-one years, customers have crowded into Veselka, a cozy Ukrainian coffee shop in New York City’s East Village, to enjoy pierogi, borscht, goulash, and many other unpretentious favorites. Veselka (rainbow in Ukrainian) has grown up from a simple newsstand serving soup and sandwiches into a twenty-four hour gathering place without ever leaving its original location on the corner of East Ninth Street and Second Avenue. Veselka is, quite simply, an institution.” –

They also have a very cool designed website:

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Uncommon Goods joins with Jessica Haas Designs


I’m thrilled to announce my partnership with Uncommon Goods!
If you don’t already know the name, Uncommon Goods is an unique shopping experience for customers looking for sustainable, fun, and creative designs. This online store and (free) catalog hosts a community of artisans, designers and creative thinkers focused on craftsmanship, innovation and social responsibility. They stand true to their name.

The fastest way to find our product is under:
Art > Under $50 > State by State Seasonal Food Guides by Jessica Haas


What’s Good Today? (via Uncommon Goods)

Delectable kitchen decor, these graphic calendars are also great references for cooks who like to focus on what’s in season. Like a mandala of the seasonal specialties from your choice of 13 different states, they demonstrate amazing regional bounty for farm-to-table menu planning–just glance at the graphics before heading off to your weekly farmer’s market. Made by graphic designer Jessica Haas, who did her thesis project on how design can be integrated with public health policy to decrease and prevent childhood obesity. Designed in New York City. Printed and framed in Portland, Oregon.

Lastly, if your state is not offered with Uncommon Goods, prints are always available at my shop: ♥

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Jessica Haas Designs published in 2014 AIGA New York State of Design Competition Catalog

FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (3)

It’s finally here! The 2014 New York State of Design Catalog arrived at my door today with a little handwritten note from Joanna Giansanti, of Giansanti Design, thanking me for sharing my pieces for the show and raffle. I’m so pleased to have been able to be apart of this event. It’s always cool to win an award and make it into a book.

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How to Pick the Best Tasting Peach


For the best peaches, you should look for “sugar spots”. Many people mistake these for bruises, but darkened spots on the skin are places where the sun hit the peach particularly hard and that’s where the sugar collects. This is an indication the fruit is so loaded with sugar, it’s essentially crystallizing on the skin. The peach is going to taste more sweet and delicious.

Another thing to look for is a stripe across the stem. These stripes indict the peach swelled up against the tree it was hanging from. This means it ripened long on the tree and will definitely taste better.

Lastly consider where your food is coming from. It’s better to buy local. Check the food label or ask your grocery store clerk where they get their produce from — you may be surprised how far it travels. Places that sell produce grown nearby usually get the ripest bunch of the harvest.

Via Business Insider by Kelly Dickerson

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A Look at the History of Providing Food in Our Own Gardens


Victory Gardens, also called War Gardens or Food Gardens for Defense, were vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens planted at private residences and public parks in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany during World War I and World War II.


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Above is a collection of propaganda posters released during World War times. These vintage posters are a good reminder that food is a precious commodity. Illustrating the importance of providing food for ourselves and others, maintaining a healthy diet, and preparing for the future.

Looking at the history of food, leads to the comparison of our present food conditions. Although it’s plentiful in most areas in America, our foods are genetically modified and have pesticides or hormones. I can only think if everyone with any small blot of land started growing their own fruit and/or vegetable gardens maybe the food industry wouldn’t have to go to such extremes to provide for the masses.

Learning how to grow food is a good lifeskill and could come in handy. There’s great satisfaction in the fruits of labor and it tastes pretty good too.

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea


Spring is here and there is something very exciting about all the new fruits and vegetables now in season. Got a mother who loves to cook, loves to garden or loves seasons? Here’s a recommendation for a new twice on gift giving. Check out Etsy’s Mother’s Day recommendation: Jessica Haas Designs seasonal calendars!


JHD features over 20 states so go see if yours if there. If not don’t fret, make a custom order, you may not met your Mother’s Day deadline (custom orders are received within 3-5 weeks) but if it’s the perfect gift, it’s the thought that counts. Plus, JHD can delivery directly to your Mom with a note (just note it when checking out)!

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The Anatomy of an Agency infographic


Here’s an oldie, but new to you if you haven’t seen before (like me). It’s The Anatomy of an Agency is pretty much spot-on, hilarious portraits of agency people (art director, copywriter, account person, developer, finance person) based on their peculiar tastes and habits.

This infographic was done by Julia Morra and Trevor Gourley. Via Design Taxi.

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